Watch IPL 2013 Live Matches Online [Websites]

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You must have thought of watching live serials, movies and cricket matches online on your laptop or computer. It is possible to watch online these things due to lots of good websites.

These days, plenty of websites are available now which provides these kinds of services. Many of them provide it for free but show lots of advertisements.

 IPL 2013 Live Matches

You need to close the advertisements each and every time in order to watch live TV for free. These days, it’s IPL 6 which is on top. Even lots of Bollywood movies are not releasing in this month because people are very much busy in the IPL 6.

IPL 6 is live now and matches have started being played on. You can enjoy these matches live for free using lots of websites.

I’m here with the list of websites which you can use to watch live IPL6 matches for free.

India times on YouTube

India times have started a free service over the YouTube this year which allows free watching of live matches. The quality of the video is best and if you’ve a super speedy internet connection then you can watch matches even at HD (720p) quality.

Earlier Olypics were broadcast over the YouTube for free and now it’s the IPL6. It is the best source because there are no advertisements between the videos and you can watch videos in super quality.

When you start it for first, then you’ll see one ad in starting but that’s only for first time and if you’re lucky then you may not have that first ad as well.

So, YouTube channel is great website to watch IPL6 for free in 2013.


This website provides lots of channels to watch free streaming of IPL 6 matches for free. It shows lots of ads but still comfortable to watch matches in good quality video.

This website is really good and if you don’t get access with one channel then you can try another channel.


Another good website to watch IPL 2013 matches for free. But you need to take care of lots of advertisements that come in your way.


This website is really good as it provides direct access to watch live cricket matches. In fact it provides direct access to the Sony Max channel at which IPL 6 is live.

The website doesn’t provides advertisements in the sidebars but you need to take care of the ads which comes in between of the video.


At this website you’ll find quality videos but with lots of advertisements. Make sure you’re sitting alone in your room while watching matches with this website as it got package of another kind of ads for you. ;)

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