New Awesome Facebook Smileys and Emoticons for FB Chat, Comments & Statuses (Codes)

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Facebook is one of the biggest social networking website in the world. It has millions of user from all around the globe who use it to stay in touch with their beloved ones. Facebook not only provides option to share pictures, messages and updates but it also offers a big market for advertiser to advertise their product according to the user geographical location.

Sharing post and updates with just a text messages is an old thing, now people like adding smiley/emoticons with the messages to express their self without writing anything or telling anything, which makes the user special by using such conversation.

New Awesome Facebook Smileys and Emoticons for FB Chat, Comments & Statuses (Codes)

Facebook is having few emoticons/smiley which are not known to many people. Few people known about it but don’t know how to use it and recently Facebook started showing smiley/emoticons in the comment. So, here in this post I’m going to share the codes for those emoticons/smiley which can be used on Facebook in chat, messages, updates and comments.

Basic Facebook Emoticon/Smiley Codes:

  • Angel :     o:)
  • Cry:   :’(
  • Devil:  3:)
  • Cool:   8)
  • Heart:   <3
  • Kiss:   :*
  • Laugh:  :D
  • Robot:    :|
  • Shocked:   :O
  • Smile:    :)
  • Tongue:    :P
  • Unsure:   :/
  • Wink:    ;)
  • Confused:   o.O

Advance Facebook Emoticon/Smiley Codes:

To use advance codes user need to add “[[f9.]]” before the codes for example, to show angle use [[f9.angel]].

  • For Adore:   [[f9.adore]]
  • For Angel:    [[f9.angel]]
  • For Callme:  [[f9.callme]]
  • For Clap:      [[f9.clap]]
  • For ghost:    [[f9.ghost]]
  • For inlove:   [[f9.inlove]]
  • For fastfood:   [[f9.fastfood]]
  • For cakepiece:   [[f9.cakepeice]]
  • For pizza:   [[]]
  • For plate:   [[f9.plate]]
  • For shock:  [[f9.shock]]
  • For shutmouth: [[f9.shutmouth]]
  • For tongue1:   [[f9.tongue1]]
  • For thumbsdown:   [[f9.thumbsdown]]
  • For teddy:   [[f9.teddy]]
  • For angry:   [[f9.angry]]
  • For coffee:  [[]]
  • For kiss:   [[f9.kiss]]
  • For gift:   [[]]
  • For rain:   [[f9.rain]]
  • For shy:  [[f9.shy]]
  • For party:    [[]]
  • For bomb:   [[f9.bomb]]
  • For confused:   [[f9.confused]]
  • For laugh:   [[f9.laugh]]
  • For heart:   [[f9.heart]]
  • For rainbow:  [[f9.rainbow]]
  • For silly:  [[f9.silly]]
  • For sun:   [[f9.sun]]
  • For bowl:  [[f9.bowl]]
  • For Curllip: [[f9.curllip]]
  • For balloons:   [[f9.ballons]]
  • For heartbreak:   [[f9.heartbreak]]
  • For rofl:   [[f9.rofl]]
  • For skull:  [[f9.skull]]
  • For ring:   [[f9.ring]]
  • For brb:   [[f9.brb]]
  • For devil face: [[f9.devilface]]
  • For candle:   [[f9.candle]]
  • For lying:   [[f9.lying]]
  • For rose:   [[f9.rose]]
  • For sleepy:  [[f9.sleepy]]
  • For sunrise:  [[f9.sunrise]]
  • For cake:  [[f9.cake]]
  • For doctor:  [[]]
  • For billiard: [[f9.billiard]]
  • For neutral:  [[f9.neutral]]
  • For rosedown: [[f9.rosedown]]
  • For stary: [[f9.stary]]
  • For wine: [[]]

That’s all; these are some of the emotions/smiley codes that can be used in chat, message, comment and in Facebook updates to express thoughts.

If I forgot to add any popular codes for emoticon/smiley then don’t hesitate to comment below.

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