Best Proxy List Websites 2013

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The Internet is free source of knowledge, and you can visit any website from the count of millions of websites at anytime. Well, this is general saying, but it happens only where you own the network. As the social networking sites’ craze is growing, people are becoming less productive.

They spend the time in social networking websites and YouTube, the time that they are supposed to be working hours. The offices are compelled to block certain websites as no one will like to pay one’s employees for doing nothing, but only wasting time.

Not only the office, the schools and colleges also block the websites to let their students concentrate on study and study only. Though the intentions of offices or schools & colleges are good, but as a person who gets affected by blocking of websites, you must be having frustration in your mind to be at peak. Right? So What’s the solution of this serious problem?

Well, the solution is ‘Proxy Websites’. Proxy Website lets you surf the web anonymously. You network’s IP gets hidden behind a proxy which is of course, is picked by the Proxy Website that you are using.

The Proxy Website itself picks the proxy that will give you best speed and hence best experience. Good point in using Proxy Websites is that you don’t need to go through any downloading process.

The whole process is as simple as 1-2-3. You just open the Proxy Website, enter URL of website that you wish to visit, but can’t do because of block of the same by your network administrator. One moment you provide the URL and other moment you are taken to the ‘Blocked’ website.

Proxy Websites

Just search for the ‘Best Proxy Websites’ and you will come across tens of thousands of names. Well, every website is not worth trying, and if you do so, you will be wasting time only, the time that will not bring any result for you.

Therefore to access the blocked websites, you must use only the best glowing names in ‘Proxy Websites’ category. Don’t know any such? Check out the list given below.

Best Proxy List Websites 2013

Check the following Best Proxy List Websites in 2013. I’ve used all of them and found best and now sharing with you.

  • Surfagain
  • Proxify
  • KingSurfProxy

Many more free proxy websites, but restricted the list to best ones only. All of these websites are free to use, and are working in 2013. The use is quite simple, and nice & intuitive user interface lets you to surf the web anonymously with ease. Just enter URL, hit Enter and that’s it. Simplicity at its best.

So what are you waiting for? You should live the way you like. You should not be bounded by any limits set by your network administrator. Use these free ‘Proxy Websites’ and surf the restricted websites whenever you want.

Another plus point is that you visit the blocked websites, without facing any issue related to speed. Give these proxy sites a try, right away!

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  1. gcvhntdfgdh

    Jun 11. 2013

    non of them work

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  2. rasa

    Jun 13. 2013

    new list proxy today

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