Best Facebook Smileys 2013 – Funny & Cool Emoticons

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Before starting with the article, let me ask you a simple question. What’s your mode of communication? I know the answer from most of you will come up as ‘Internet’. The Internet has changed the way we communicate with others.

If the instant messengers like Skype and Yahoo Messenger has reduced the burden of International calling by offering it at low rates, then on other side, the social networking giant Facebook has converted the world into a Global Village in the real sense. This extremely popular website has more than 800 million active users as of now, and the count is still increasing.

If you also use Facebook, then you might know about the Smileys and Emoticons that you can use it. Thumbs down, if you don’t know. Well, if this poor condition of ‘Don’t know’ applies on you, then let me first make you familiar with it.

What are Smileys


A smiley is noting but represents facial expression of writer. It is arrangement of keyboard  characters that are arranged in an particular manner. The smileys are used to express the writer’s mood. Of course, the words can also do the work, but who the hell reads words nowadays.

An image is worth thousand words, and a smiley is limitless as it represents the writer’s mood in an effective way. The smileys are used in electronic media, and wide use of them can be seen in Facebook.

What are Emoticons

fb emoticon

The Emoticons are similar to smileys with only difference that these are not constructed from the keyboard’s characters’ arrangement. In fact it’s just a graphical image, and does not resemble with the arrangement of keyboard’s characters.

Facebook Emoticons

Gangnam Style Emoticon

The ‘Gangnam Style’ has crossed 1 billion views on YouTube. This speaks the popularity of this amazing video. You can send ‘Gangnam Style’ emoticon in Facebook chat. Here is the code for it.

[[490550790968952]] [[490550800968951]] [[490550807635617]]
[[490550820968949]] [[490550837635614]] [[490550847635613]]
[[490550857635612]] [[490550867635611]] [[490550877635610]]
[[490550884302276]] [[490550894302275]] [[490550900968941]]
[[490550914302273]] [[490550924302272]] [[490550937635604]]
[[490550947635603]] [[490550954302269]] [[490550967635601]]

Some other FB emoticons are:

  • [[334954663181745]] – Spongebob
  • [[332936966718584]] – Hello Kitty
  • [[326134990738733]] – Pikachu
  • [[249199828481201]] – Konata Izumi
  • [[236147243124900]] –Pokeball
  • [[297354436976262]] –  Santa Claus
  • [[224502284290679]] – Nobita
  • [[155393057897143]] – Doraemon
  • [[144685078974802]] –Mojacko
  • [[269153023141273]] – Poring
  • [[252497564817075]] –Kerokeroppi
  • [[250128751720149]] – Domo Kun
  • [[223328504409723]] – Gintoki Sakata
  • [[196431117116365]] –    Shin chan
  • [[157680577671754]] – Angry Bird
  • [[138529122927104]] –   Pedo Bea

There are hundreds of other Facebook chat emoticons, but listed only the ones that are in trend nowadays.

Facebook Smileys



:)  :-) :] =)

 Kiss -

:-  * :*


O:) O:-)


:-p :p :-P :P


:-o :o :-O :O


;) ;-)


:D :-D  =D

You can also input them without using the code as FB chat box has the option to include them along with your message. There are many more FB smileys that you can use. You can find out more here.

Facebook is a place of fun. Enhance it by using these amazing Facebook smileys and emoticons in FB chat and FB comments.

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